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Deli Power Strip

Deli E1833703 Power Strip Specification :Sockets 4Cable Length 3mCurrent Current 10A Voltage 250V~Others Copper wire: 26 lines;Cross-sectional area: 0.75mmWarranty 03 year warrantyDeli E1833703 Power Strip Overview :Deli E18337(03) Household Power Strip comes with 26 lines of Copper wire of 3m in le..
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Deli E18339(03) 6-Port Household Power Strip Price In BangladeshDELI 18170-03 6 Port Power Strip comes with 6 ports and a 3-meter long cable with 26 lines of copper wire. It has a universal socket. The cross-sectional area is 0.75mm² and the Current 10AVoltage 250V~ with over 5000 times cycles inser..
Ex Tax:৳825
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