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Apple Mac Studio available at the Best Price in Bangladesh

When It comes to Innovative Computers, Tablet PCs, or Portable PC the Tech Giant Apple Inc. shines. Over the year they have given us Innovative products like the Mac Mini, iPad, MacBook, iMac, Airpods, etc. Most of their products have set the gold standard in those respective categories. The Mac Studio is one of those designs that only Apple could come up with. It provides a unique combination of power and elegance. As the name implements, The Mac Studio is aimed at "studio" professionals like Graphics designers and Video Editors.

Mac Studio, A Portable Workstation PC

Apple has manufactured Mac Studio as a Portable mini PC. The Mac Studio resembles the Mac mini. Although the body is said to be a bit bulkier than the Intel version of Mac Mini. The Mac Studio uses Apple’s Proprietary most powerful M-series chips. The Mac Studio is available in two variants of the M1 Chipset. They are the base model with M1 Max and the Ultra model with an M1 Ultra processor. Here we will discuss how the Mac Studio stands out in different aspects ranging from design to performance.

Design of Mac Studio

When it comes to Design, The Mac Studio is both unique and efficient while maintaining performance. This Workstation PC comes with an SoC (System-on-a-Chip) Architecture. SoC is primarily used by Tablet PCs and smartphones. All the components including The CPU, the RAM, SSD, and the cooling Unit are Soldered into the motherboard as a Unified system. Being a cross between a Mac mini and a Mac Pro, Mac Studio is a bit taller than the older Mac mini on each side. But The Unit is small enough to fit under an Apple Studio Display. The Full body has an all-aluminum enclosure and unique thermal design. It uses the same "squircle" shape as the Mac mini, with a square-shaped design with rounded corners. The design includes a special intake and exhaust system to dissipate heat and allow for quiet operation. The Mac Studio has a series of airflow channels at the back and bottom parts. The machine pulls in air from the bottom and pushes it out through the more than 4,000 perforations at the back and bottom of the chassis to cool the internal components. The M1 Max version has an aluminum heatsink while the M1 Ultra version has larger copper thermal modules.

What is the price of Apple Mac Studio in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Apple Mac Studio in Bangladesh is 250,000৳. You can buy the Apple Mac Studio at best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms.

Apple Mac Studio M1 Max chip 10-core CPU 32GB Memory 512GB SSD (MJMV3ZP/A)Apple Mac Studio comes with the latest Apple M1 Max chip. It is a 10-core CPU with up to 32-core GPU and supports up to 64GB of unified memory with 400GB/s memory bandwidth. Mac Studio is an entirely new Mac desktop. It packs ..
Ex Tax:৳250,000
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